This is the process of propelling different media at high speed on to the material surface, to clean or to create profile for better anchorage of bonding materials. Media can be as soft as plastic media for paint removal; soda which can clean off oil, dirt and paint from any surface; brown aluminium oxide for removing rust and creating specific anchor patterns; black silicon carbide to make beautiful designs on marble, granite and glass. 

Sandblasting can be used for mega structures like oil rigs and it can be used for creating design for small ornamental items, and also for precision work on moulds for dentures. The sandblasting effects comes with different equipment and different sandblasting media. Its usage is far and wide. Present us with the material and we will help you to find an equipment and media most suitable for you.

ACE designed and built our own Customised Auto Chamber Blasting Machine. This machine is fabricated for all requirements and sizes. It gives us the flexibility to do automated sandblasting for large sized items, odd shaped items, raw materials, fabricated parts and out fitting items with ease. With the wheelabrator dimensions stretching up to 3m in height and 2.2m wide, ACE is able to provide extremely even sandblasting for a variety of products.