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What should I do if the metal parts are rusted?

Date : 2021-08-13View : 492Tags : Grid blast,Surface treatment,Surface preparation

Rusting of metal parts is a common occurrence during the use of the machine. If the rusted parts are not treated in time, it may affect the normal operation of the machine. But for some more precise or some parts with irregular shapes, if we use common derusting methods, it may cause irreparable damage to the parts. So is there a better way to deal with it?

Our company's carefully developed sandblasting machine rust removal technology can perfectly solve this problem. Because the sandblasting machine has incomparable advantages over traditional rust removal methods.What should I do if the metal parts are rusted?

The sandblasting machine has ideal rust removal effect, fast speed and low cost; in addition, it can also prepare the surface for painting, spraying, electroplating and other processes. The surface after sandblasting can reach a clean surface with a certain degree of roughness. Surface requirements, so as to improve the bonding force of the covering layer and the workpiece.

The scope of application of the rust removal process of sandblasting machine is also relatively broad, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) Workpiece coating, workpiece bonding pretreatment sandblasting can remove all dirt such as rust on the surface of the work piece, and establish a very important basic pattern on the surface of the work piece (the so-called rough surface), and it can By changing the abrasives of different particle sizes, such as flying-spread abrasives, the abrasives can achieve different degrees of roughness, which greatly improves the bonding force between the workpiece and the coating and plating. Or make the bonding part stronger and better quality.

(2) Cleaning and polishing of rough surface of castings and workpieces after heat treatment. Sandblasting can clean all dirt (such as oxide scale, oil stains, etc.) on the surface of castings and forgings and workpieces after heat treatment, and polish the surface of the workpiece to improve the smoothness of the workpiece. , Can make the workpiece show a uniform and consistent metal color, make the appearance of the workpiece more beautiful and attractive.

(3) Burr cleaning and surface beautification sandblasting of machined parts can clean up the tiny burrs on the surface of the workpiece and make the surface of the workpiece smoother, eliminating the hazards of burrs and improving the quality of the workpiece. And sandblasting can make small round corners at the junction of the surface of the workpiece, making the workpiece more beautiful and more precise.

(4) Improve the mechanical properties of the parts After sandblasting, the mechanical parts can produce uniform and fine uneven surfaces on the surface of the parts, so that the lubricating oil can be stored, so that the lubrication conditions are improved, and the noise is reduced to increase the service life of the machine.

(5) The function of light decoration For some special-purpose workpieces, sandblasting can achieve different reflections or matt at will. Such as the polishing of stainless steel workpieces and plastics, the polishing of jade, the matting of the surface of wooden furniture, the pattern on the surface of frosted glass, and the texturing of the surface of cloth.