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How to solve the noise of sandblasting machine

Date : 2021-08-13View : 477Tags : Grid blast,Surface treatment,Surface preparation

The sandblasting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, and the sandblasting machine can change the mechanical properties of the surface. Many companies have made good use of sandblasting machines. However, there will inevitably be some problems in the process of use. Such as: noise. The noise of the sandblasting machine has become a problem of interference. How should the noise of the sandblasting machine be solved?

First, the tightness is enhanced. During the long-term use of the sandblasting machine, the sealing performance will inevitably decrease. How to enhance the tightness has become a key issue. The choice of material is very necessary. If you want to enhance the sealing performance, you must choose a thicker material, so that the sealing performance can be greatly improved.

Second, the motor configuration. The motor is a key part of the noise. When the motor is configured, a muffler can be added. The increase of the muffler can reduce the noise to a certain extent, so as to achieve the purpose of noise elimination.

Third, the height of the plant is set. The setting of the factory building should be wider, so that it can facilitate the diffusion of sound and achieve the purpose of eliminating noise.