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What is the difference between sandblasting and chemical treatment?

Date : 2021-08-13View : 463Tags : Grid blast,Surface treatment,Surface preparation
With the development of social industry, the processing requirements for various products are getting higher and higher. As a surface treatment machine, the sandblasting machine has also received the ignorance of the majority of users. What are the advantages of the sandblasting machine? It can be divided into the following types:
1. The metal parts of the sandblasting equipment are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;
2. The surface of the part is not contaminated, and the abrasive will not react chemically with the material of the part;
3. The sandblasting equipment can easily handle difficult-to-reach parts such as grooves, and a variety of abrasives can be selected for use;
Fourth, the processing cost is greatly reduced, which is mainly reflected in the improvement of the work efficiency of the sandblasting equipment, which can meet various surface finishing requirements, and is safer and more convenient than chemical processing;
5. Low energy consumption and low cost;
6. Sandblasting equipment does not pollute the environment and saves the cost of environmental treatment.